Wednesday, December 24, 2008

College Days:-)

This is when I used to have super long hair...not any more!
My roommates from my first year at college were always good to try new things with me. They came country dancing and even bought me beer for my 20th b-day (don't worry, we only washed our hair with it). Lots of good times. Karrie (left) recently got married and Beth (right) is on a mission in Tucson Arizona.
Laura Cheney and I were room mates this fall, she's always good to take me to some of the ranches around that she works on and get me around some horses and farm stuff.
School keeps me pretty busy with clubs and stuff. Range club does some pretty sweet things like clay shooting! Student council is fun because of the good people and IWA (Institute Womans Association) is the best because of Lannette Pettit!


I have to say that I think I have one of the greatest families around. All because two wonderful people fell in love! I've been very lucky to have great sisters who have married great men and given us sweet little ones to play with! We are a close family and share many wonderful memories together (most of which were made working on the farm).

No Place Like Home!

So the farm is my favorite place in the world...not just cause it's where my family is but I just love the farm way of life. After going to college I've realized just how lucky I am to grow up on a ranch. I love just about everything about it, fixing fence, feeding cows, much more but most of all doing hay! Hay season is the best part of the year, I love to see the fresh cut rows of hay or a field full of's a feeling I can't explain. Though I've gone away from home and grown up some, the farm holds a special spot in my heart. I'm convinced it's the only and best way for me to grow up (cause I'm still a kid):-)

Mountain Work-Summer 2008

These are just a few of the many great pictures taken of our summer job! It was amazing, I don't think I could ask for a better job...working up in the mountains with my family, doesn't get much better. What we did in short was stabilize Brown Duck lake. It was quite the process with a lot of different people and agencies involved. Equipment had to be flown in and we lived in wall tents for the duration of the job (we had the most well equiped camp I've ever seen). It was awesome and I look forward to doing it again this next summer!


Howdy! So my sis's got me into this...we'll see how it all works out, I'm definitely not the computer one of the family. I'd wear this cowboy hat all the time if I didn't feel so out of place at school...even though dad calls it a dude hat:-)